The Simplicity of Autism

Autism. You get it, you really do, and I can prove it! 

My message is one that is unapologetic, straightforward, optimistic and is infused with hope. This message is one that shares a clear pathway to untapped potential, potential that is beyond measure.

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Autism Simplified

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About Me


Find my game-changing book, "The Simplicity of Autism-Good News and Practical Truth" on Amazon.


Inclusion programs, conferences, television, radio, YouTube, Pod Casts.


I guide parents, family members and Autistic individuals to greater levels of life quality and connection. 

Through 25 years of insight as an Autism parent, and also as an individual who is on the Spectrum, I offer clear and straightforward perspective from behind the eyes of Autism. 

I work with you to discover new touch points and life affirming elements that can profoundly impact your shared life experience with those who are most important to you.

The Simplicity of Autism